Amadeus Nursery: Roland  Bryce


Even Wolgang Amadeus Mozart had to teach pupils in order to supplement his income. Not much has changed over the centuries; composing is never a guaranteed income. I teach music to make a living and I compose my music when I am inspired. Here are some of the major music projects that I am proud to have been involved with.

Musical inspiration requires personal determination to bring compositions to completion. Composing music can be a lonely business; sometimes ideas and solutions will flow quickly but more often than not there is meticulous detail that needs to be thrashed out.

WHEN THE WIND BLOWS is a powerful stage musical I composed based on the Raymond Briggs book from the early 1980’s. (I collaborated with him in Sussex before the animated film was produced.) I am currently re-working the score and looking at opportunities to  promote the material.

My GCSE Music Theory CDROM was published by THE TIMES EDUCATION Publications in 1999. By 2001 they felt that the market for interactive CD ROM software was ‘drying up’ and passed the product by. Behold the iPad: I am re-working this material as an e-book and “App” for iPad/Tablet.

AMADEUS NURSERY was inspired during the first years of my being a musical dad.

SEPTENARY is a musical journey in Chakra Energy and meditation for health using seven degrees of the musical scale. I play the flute on this album using my stage-name Karl Meinhardt.

If you wish to explore a new way to master piano scales AMAZING MUSICAL SCALES is an innovative approach to sweeten the hard graft of learning scales!

CAROL MELODIES is a new Christmas album which I produced using flute and harp with a further hint at the textures Mozart produced in his work for Flute and Harp.

Any composer will usually wish for their music to be heard or even published. Big changes (for the better?) in music technology and publishing means that there is now a more accessible way for a composer to publish music. The age old problem of marketing and self- promotion, however remains.

I hope you like what you hear and confidently recommend my work to you: iTunes, Amazon, etc. are the new music stores. (Roland Bryce)

Teacher, Composer, Arranger & Sound Designer.